Past Projects


ALARA has executed the following major NORM management and disposal campaigns removing NORM liabilities for the client.

BHP Griffin FPSO vessel ‘demucking’

  • Custom radioactive LSA packaging, transport and disposal of 160,000 kgs of radioactive material, via scheduled sea route (not a charter vessel), from Australia to the United States for permanent internment in an EPA licenced facility in Texas, USA.
  • This material had been in ‘temporary’ storage for seven years before ALARA was engaged to provide a solution.

BHP Griffin field abandonment

  • Offshore retrieval, packaging, transport and disposal of +330 heavily NORM scaled production tubulars (Figure 1) and 50 drums of radium-contaminated sands.
  • Due to the high NORM concentrations inside the tubulars, it’s removal before transport was not possible. It was interned with the NORM in-situ in Idaho, USA.

Modec – Subsea heat exchanger

  • Water jetting removal of NORM build-up from inside four (4) 70-tonne subsea heat exchangers.
  • Packaging recovered NORM LSA in 270 drums and preparing for transport to Idaho, USA.
  • Sea transport via scheduled route (not a charter vessel) from Australia to disposal in the USA.

Woodside – FPSO vessel ‘demucking’

  • Develop NORM management plan (NMP) for all activities with the potential to interact with radioactive contamination.
  • Offshore supervision of industrial service provider removing (via vacuum) 3,000L of NORM-containing hydrocarbon sludge.
  • Work area inspection to prevent the spread of NORM from the work area.
  • Testing and analysis to ensure recovered material can be imported into the USA and accepted by waste disposal facility.
  • Transport of material onshore supply base, then air transport to a disposal facility.